As a place of deep mystery, contradictory politics, and social cruelties – The American South offers itself as a platform for shadows and lawlessness. Hidden within the mountains is a book of history written by moonshiners, outlaws, victims, and sinner citizens. During the 70s, an Uncle of mine decided to break from the structure of the family home, and offer himself to the complications of living on the open road. Quickly, he became a runner and an outlaw – hopping trains as a broke man looking for the next bank to rob. Decades later, after incarceration, physical damage, betrayal of his own blood, and fleeting encounters with the law; traces of his past resurge within his behavioral patterns. Memorabilia and ephemera from life as a bank robber are closed into neatly confined binders and placed on the shelf, but the person who he is so consciously leaving behind cannot be fully discarded. Strings of this lawless energy tie together throughout the family blood, and evidence of this resistance is evident in the stories and documents of persons within the same immediate side of the family, whom loomed and doomed in The South.

Project currently in the works.